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Jonas Leisvik   [www]


Tjena Christel! I'm impressed, a very cool page and thanks for linking to mine. Take care /Leisvik

  Nov 17  17:08:51  1997


DJ EGO   [www]


Hi Chrissie, nice homepage, hope to see ya soon! *hugs*

  Nov 14  20:06:04  1997




wow man...like.....what an incredible homepage......makes me ...like ....feel so insecure about my own homepage....like I can not compete with ya......not that life is a competition...but. seriously dear Crissie......Love ya site.....keep up the good work...catch ya later............ ;-)

  Nov 14  10:15:00  1997


Roger Rabbit   [www]


Greetings from Marbella. I am an old friend of Peter Mossman,he gave me your URL. Look me up !!

  Nov 12  02:36:27  1997


Johannes Persson   [www]


Hej Chrissie! Long time no see...kul att se dina nya sidor:-D! Jag har nu äntligen läst American Psycho som du rekommenderade...hyfsat trist för det mesta men emellanåt var den nog det värsta jag läst på länge. Båda mina adresser är nere btw...kul att ses ändå!

  Nov 4  23:15:07  1997


Bengvall   [www]


I was just checking this site out after seeing the URL on the [604] Mailing list... Nice pictures, mmm party! =) Boom Shankar!

  Nov 4  01:59:46  1997


The Flying Scotsman   [www]


Hi Chrissie, I hope you got home o.k. after the party (1/11/97). After a certain guy we know locked the keys in the boot! Really cool homepage by the way, I also have 2 cats but my hair is always the same colour. Drop me a line soon. Take care.

  Nov 3  02:57:28  1998


mikael   [www]


jag ser att lilla damen har förnyat sina sidor lita. dejt tyckor jau att hun haur gjurt brau..... and also thanks 4 linkin' me...... sibaspace

  Nov 3  01:32:30  1997


janne Q   [www]


no comments

  Oct 30  08:24:43  1997


AMIT   [www]


BOOM pics are one of the best i have seen ;) (i been there to) I604L(Israel 604 List) contact me for more info. PLUR

  Oct 29  20:18:03  1997


Nick Storm   [www]


"I'm not a geek", she said, and made the coolest pages we'll find north of the .au domain. :) Way to go, Chrissie! I love it!

  Oct 29  08:11:02  1997