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Adir Benyamini da Caravaggio   [www]


Hej my dear Chrissie! I must tell you that you have a very beautiful web site, I loved it! It makes a very indelible impression that you have put a lot of time in creating it! well done!!!my dear!!! I am not in to this party stuff cuase I prefer to go to a classical music concert or to the opera,so I can't respond on that party stuff, but anyway I liked the site very much! ciao mia cara! AB
ps-Se un Italiani persona volge scrivere me, lei pou!

  Jan 10  01:29:02  1998


Jens Hartvig   [www]


Hi Chrissie. Great pics from the boom festival, great to hear that you found it as fantastic and unbelievable as the me, and the other other Danes I'm in contact with, who where there, think they were there, or just as well could have been there. Couldn't believe it, still can't! Take care - see you next Boom - getting back to boom is what it's all about. Love Hart

  Jan 5  23:14:43  1998


Anders Ohlsson   [www]


Gott nytt år! Jag förstår varför alla säger detta. Det måste vara för att mentalförbereda den kollektiva bakfyllan som jag och miljoner andra svenskar lider av just nu! Hoppas du har det bra och tack för julkortet! Jag blev jätteglad. Jag tycker det är dags att träffas för att supa skallen i bitar och avrapportera senaste tiden. När ska vi åka till Goa??? Där är jättefint och trevligt. Skulle inte ha något emot en Indientripp alls. Vi ses!

  Jan 2   04:04:03  1998


The Flying Scotsman   [www]


Hi Chrissie, Thanks very much for the nice things you wrote about "Out of Phase" I know the slow stuff might be a little bit to wierd for some people, but afterall it is ambient/chillout and I only play the slow stuff at the beginning of the night. Faster stuff is on the way !!!!! Thanks also for the links, over 3,000,000 visitors - most of them coming via your page I think! :} Peter

  Dec 28  19:37:24  1997


Outpost/Rotundum   [www]


Nice reviews. 1)Our prices is high and so is our expenses so it does ad up unfortunately nothing comes for free. 2)We'll look into the deco thing. 3)Yep we know our security is very rigid but so is the danish police, as long as you play it safe you have nothing to fear. 4)Not ToT, but 303 //Zep

  Dec 24  03:04:07  1997


Dj Raid (Kim)   [www]


Hello sweetness! Hope everything is alright with you and the catz. Thank you for your excellent review of our party, Trance Infected. Do not forget that Dino is coming to Copenhagen on the 31st of January. It will be great to see him again. Please remind me to bring his videocassette along. Take care and I'll hope we meet soon (to listen to some great music). Kim (Embryo society)

  Dec 23  09:58:28  1997


Jan-Eric   [www]


Jag visste inte att Du har sådana talanger när det gäller hemsida.

  Dec 18  03:13:20  1997


DJ_RaiD   [www]


Great Homepage for a GREAT Gal ! Give the cats a big "krrrrr" from me :) Have a good one! DJ RaiD (aka peter)

  Nov 25  22:51:05  1997


marita   [www]


hey chrissie! i'm still getting giggles over our party experiences @ boom! in portugal. when are you coming down to amsterdam to paint the town red with me then? i've got 3 cases of white wine in the fridge with your name written on it! love your homepage btw! you're putting my sketchy knowledge of html to shame. keep smiling! =o) marita.

  Nov 21  02:47:40  1997


... Starchild ;-)   [www]


...meeooow Chrissie...
High! there sweetie... Beautiful fuckin' homepage you got yourself here!!! I'm impressed :o)) Great to see you the last time... unfortunately i wasn't feeling well, but what the heck. Coming over for the party on the 29.th with PSYCHOPOD??? Hope to see you there! Om mani padme hum... Lots of love & shiny thoughts... Starchild;o)

  Nov 18  02:54:18  1997