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Johan "Trancid"   [www]


Hi Chrissie....Nice site with a lot of good stuff... Hope 2 hear from u soon... We are going to make a big party in Norrköping soon... Make a mail

  Oct 18  20:47:46  1998


Enlightment   [www]


Well I love all the info and pictures. And thanks for a quik listen to the track I sent you. Glad you liked it. Cheers

  Oct 10  01:13:50  1998


James   [www]


Hi, I am writing a book about rave culture and am looking for some quotes from electronic music fans, musicians, promoters, Djs and ravers in all parts of the world. I am very interested in hearing more about the rave scene in your part of the world. If you want to be represented in the book, I will email you a questionaire. I am also looking for musical definitions for Amyl House, Hand Bag, Bubble Gum, Hard Hop, Tech Step, Space Funk, Ibiza, Nu NRG, Sombient, Illbient, and Intelligent. Peace, James Fry from the West Coast of Canada

  Sept 25  07:20:15  1998


Dave   [www]


hey GREAT page, is so great to see the pics of the party on your side of the world. would love to go to fly your way and go to one, they look so cool   things on this side of the ocean get crazy at times, but I'd still think it would be great to party over there. been to europe a few years back and had a blast and plan to return soon, but the world is so big and there is so little time. Be cool and take it easy.

  Sept 9  22:26:31  1998


Jimmyboy   [www]


Wow. What a great page. Visit mine!

  July 10  10:19:15  1998


Karl-Eric Calling   [www]


Chrissie. Saknade dig i dag, 17/4, vet ej var du blev av! Ring gärna om du känner för det. Telefon: 040-660 30 57 eller 070-538 88 30  hälsningar Kalle

  April 17  23:09:50  1998


Greg Lunar   [www]


I finally got through to your reviews and pics, nice one Chrissie, except that photo of the weird promoter pulling a face, must be the beer in Denmark

  April 17  01:42:21  1998


samione   [www]


Nice site great links and stuff ...see ya

  April 4  18:23:12  1998


Russ   [www]


nice pictures, its good to see pictures of outdoor parties :)  plur* and cheers, Russ

  March 23  01:00:05  1998


Rocco   [www]


Hej där! Jo, fint värre skall det vara....När får vi se dig "live" på fest i Götet då? Skulle behövas!

  March 21  23:49:01  1998