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Stacie   [www]


What a pretty place you have here!

  Jan 21  14:00:42  1999


Sean Farragher   [www]


Liked your home page. Check out the poems on mine.

  Jan 21  10:39:19  1999


Pergamon   [www]


Hej C Kom lige i tanke om at jeg vist aldrig har skrevet i din gæstebog, så det gør jeg lige. Tak for et KANON arbejde med min hjemmeside, og tak for en fed Nytårsaften. zen question: You can produce the sound of two hands clapping. Now, how does one hand sound??? Light and Love Jan

  Jan 18  07:53:20  1999


the Finger   [www]


you are a goddess.

  Jan 17  06:48:07  1999


Emma   [www]


Hi Chrissie, it's a really nice site you have. I so like the layout. Visit my page sometimes!

  Jan 17  06:06:38  1999


wio   [www]


hey, what a great page! loved its design and all :) pls keep it up, i'll be back soon. c ya...!

  Jan 15  16:54:37  1999


jessica   [www]


you have a neat page here. you're pretty! you must party a lot, eh? hehe.. i wish i could.. i'll come back later! byebye ..sm00ch..

  Jan 15  08:46:03  1999


jacquie   [www]


Hi..:) cool site! I bookmarked it and will be back!!

  Jan 14  22:39:23  1999


eve   [www]


I really love your graphics and design... Great website!

  Jan 9  18:22:10  1999


Stewart   [www]


Lovely pictures Chrissie. It reminds me of 25 years ago (now 45) i remember my parties. Music: ever tried 4AD albums? (Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil etc) Look me up if you ever come to Japan!

  Jan 8  13:32:27  1999