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mandy   [www]


You're good . Really good

  Jun 03  08:36:03  1999


fredrik och låtta   [www]


We think that you are a really nice chick! and låtta's e-mail is: lopptopp@hotmail.com. We love you even though you have an ford fiesta that is very uggli orat tried to phone you the day after Estrad but he couldn't reatch jo baj baj på daj

  May 17  22:49:32  1999


jeroen   [www]


Chrissie I luv ya!

  May 3  10:39:14  1999


gwennie   [www]


Hey there, I haven't had a chance yet to peek around your site, but I just had to sign this to tell yooooooou.. the poem on your front page (??) well.. I just recently put that exact poem (except told abit differently) on my page... I'm sorry about the girl, Anna, that died you knew. It's sad eh. Your page looks really mad so far so I'd better hurry this up so I can take a better look!! TakeCare :)

  April 28  14:58:04  1999


chris   [www]


Jävligt snygg hemsida, feta fester du varit på...förresten, bor inte så långt ifrån dig...närmare bestämt i Lund. Har inte åldern inne ännu för de feta klubbarna, men en hel del fester dyker upp, hehe...

  March 31  06:20:52  1999


jessica   [www]


hey, really great page, really great. i love the piercings sections, i myself have a transversal, if you know what that is, not too many people have them. well, once again, lovely page.

  March 23  01:23:58  1999


Ray Larabie   [www]


Beeeoootiful site. Love the layout and colours ... the fonts too! Cheerz, Larabie Fonts

  March 22  23:24:47  1999


Emma   [www]


Hej, jag ville bara säga att den dikten till Anna du har på första sida är underbar. ~Emma

  March 3  22:44:21  1999


Emmeke   [www]


Thanks for stopping by and signing my guestbook. Love your page! Wonderfully designed - very stylish and an original use of javascript. An interesting read too. I'll be back :)

  Feb 27  05:18:43  1999


Catherine   [www]


Hello! I found your page through another guestbook. I suppose what attracted me most to clicking on your link was what you put
"i   l o v e   s i m p l i c i t y" .... so do i...less is more!

  Feb 21  10:19:41  1999