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 m o v i e s   &   t v

All-time favorite movies   Blue Juice . The Waterdance . Shawshank Redemption
Last seen good movie  
TV? I'll watch...   Seinfeld . Men Behaving Badly . Our Secret Lives . This Life
Movies on the Net   Internet Movie DB . Movieweb . movie quotes

 a c t o r s   &   a c t r e s s e s

I'll watch almost any film featuring the following
actors   Gary Oldman . Eric Stoltz . Tim Roth . Ewan McGregor
actresses   Uma Thurman

 b o o k s   &   a u t h o r s

Latest read books   Are You Experienced? (William Sutcliffe) . Reykjavik 101 (Hallgrímur Helgason)
Preferred authors   Nick Hornby . Douglas Coupland . Terry Pratchett . Bret Easton Ellis . Douglas Rushkoff

 m u s i c

I listen to almost any kind of music, and my favorite tunes changes on a day-to-day-basis. However are there a handful of artists that generally always seem to put me in a certain state of... admiration? :)

Females   Alanis Morissette . Sheryl Crow . Madonna . Anouk
Males   Elton John . George Michael . Eric Clapton
Groups   K's Choice . Cranberries . Smashing Pumpkins . Underworld