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Name   Christel (Chrissie) Mariette Eksten
Hometown   Malmö, Sweden
Birthday   Conceived during summer of love, born following March 7th
Starsign   Pisces, rising sign Virgo
Piercings   Navel and tongue (had one in labret but removed it)
Bodyart links
B.M.E. . Body Circle . GothamWorld . Xiaan Bodyart . Way Cool Uptown . Sin-A-Matic . Piercing Mildred . Barbarella (in Swedish)
I worked for 12 years at a department store and then I got a computer. :) During those years I took leave of absence twice, in 1989-90 to live in Brighton (UK) for 6 months, and a couple of years later to work/study in Benidorm (Spain) throughout a season. Quit the department store-job and took a course for one year (Basic Information Technology), followed by another one-year-course (Desktop Publishing) at NTI here in Malmö from which I resigned in order to start working at MondoSoft. In February 2001, I moved on to work in Sweden again, at [euronet]online. Currently, I'm on a job-hunt.
Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen (Save The Nature) . Förbundet Djurens Rätt (Animalrights Sweden)
Want to support an organization?   Greenpeace . National Geographic . WWF

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