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 c h i l i

 c h i l i   13kb

Chili was my first cat. She was given her name from being multi-colored, and with one green and one brown eye. She was a wild one, although incredibly cute. At the age of 18 months she fell from the balcony and a week later she died from the injuries, suffocating in my arms. I have never cried so much my whole life. With puffy eyes I bought Candy the very next morning.

 t h u m b n a i l   c h i l i   w a l l p a p e r

A desktop wallpaper I made.
Download (Size: 800×600, 71 kb)

 c a n d y

 c a n d y   6kb

Candy (originally named Didon) was born on April 2 1995. She is a mix of Norwegian Forrest and Persian, and she is the first lady in my house. If she is not in the mood for a cuddle, then you can forget about it. Even though she would never admit to it does she enjoy the company of the second cat-girl here, Cookie.

 c o o k i e

 c o o k i e   8kb

Cookie was born on May 9 1996 and I got her to give Candy some company. Being the result of one of her mum's wild nights on the town, she is a mix of Norwegian Forrest and 'unknown'. Cookie is the playful and cuddly one, almost to the point of annoyance at times. She also causes me distress by having periods of knocking pots (and all things china) over to smash them on the floor.